Helps reconstruct the teaching learning process it is a seamless transition to online world. A gateway to inclusive education, where streams, learning capacity, topics and subjects meet. When people are waiting for this to happen, Lead the change with OLE.

  •  To set up a single click online education platform.
  •  Provide and create international competitive platform.
  •  Help in creating an easy connect platform for teachers, students and parents.
  •  Conduct, as per requirement online workshops, webinars.
  •  To train the teachers in latest trends and technologies.
  •  Create a networking interface within schools and colleges for curricular, cocurricular and extra-curricular activities internationally.
  •  Initiate content sharing to facilitate learning.


OLE Teacher’s Training

Online is a new domain to many, so our support system covers all the domains of training to make our teachers well versed with the basics as well as adept methodologies of online teaching. It starts with tutorials on making effective online content to delivering it. With practice we help the teachers to groom up as effective online delivery personnel.

Our training modules are designed to ensure learnings that are implementable. At OLE we know that the vision that the New Education Policy 2020 has shown requires meticulous training efforts in the teaching domain to equip the teachers with appropriate tools to attain this vision, so our research team is extensively working towards designing every such content that could help teacher at large to be confident performers.

OLE A Repository of Addons to Make Your Online Presence World Class

With OLE create your own class, sections, activity rooms; as many as you want in short create your own virtual school. Your virtual school comes with an app that has your name and your logo. OLE comes packed with features that are best needed for your school. One thing most unique about OLE is its inclusive nature. We at OLE, believe that a teacher is the best judge of the learning capacity of the students in his/her class, so we provide unlimited freedom in designing and uploading learning materials for the students on their respective logins. The teachers have the freedom to create extra classes in the form of audio-video lectures and upload them, even help notes can be uploaded as text or pdf files. They can design their own quiz, tests get a print and conduct it in a class, or forward it as open book assignments or tests.

OLE interactive diary is a total track record of students where parents, students and teachers contribute equally. The inputs by teachers are read by parents and confirmed by putting their marks on interactive question-answer window, which talks about the wellbeing of students. Students mark their inputs as to, ‘when they slept?’, ‘when they woke up?’, ‘how did they feel about the day?’ etc this helps keep a check on the health condition of each student.

The philosophy of OLE is to transform education through inclusive and child centric approach. A holistic-development journey is initiated when a child joins a school that works in collaboration with OLE. We rigorously work with schools to improve upon their course delivery, social interactions and assessment pedagogy, so that it may lead to total quality improvement.

Some School Management Tools Refined by OLE

When we say school management, we mean complete student life cycle from enquiry to class completion. It is our motto to make learning system easy, accessible, inclusive and economical. OLE is a communication channel between Student-Teacher, Teacher-Parents, and Parents-School. It takes complete care of all the pitfalls in this channel and address them instantly and ensure standardized and effective School processes, reduced costs and effort, greater accountability & faster decision making.

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