OLE opens an arena for you to enjoy online academic interactions with subject experts. OLE creates structured online interface between the teachers & learners that helps you gain clarity of the concepts, thus helping you make a successful transition into the world of possibilities. 

Students at OLE can pursue subjects that interest them without fear of judgment or reprisal. OLE bridges the chasm between free information and specialized learning for students by removing any personal barriers that might stop them from learning.

Models Of OLE Classes

Asynchronous Online Classes

The teachers record their content in video form and share it with the students. The students are free to view it as per their comfort & convenience. 

Synchronous Online Classes

Classes are conducted online using a platform that supports live telecast. This enables live interaction between teachers and students through video chat rooms, bulletin boards & mailing lists. We also run another platform where teachers go live on a video and viewers have the facility to interact through text chats.

OLE Objective

The NEP 2020 has visualized an education system that is job oriented at its core. OLE, aligning with the Institute for Industrial Development & Samadhan excels in bringing an aspirant closer to opportunities of his choice, keeping in mind his skill set & acquired knowledge.

With OLE, trainees get the much needed exposure to actual functioning of various industries through online tours, they experience things happening in front of them, interact with experts to know the nuances of the related model. Thus, bring clarity to a learner’s understanding & learning, his likings, and can make him a successful professional. There is something beyond books, beyond classes that can motivate a child to dream big. OLE helps learners to realize the same.

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