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OLE- India’s pioneer Virtual School, has initiated a restructured teaching/ learning process for learners across the globe & prepare them make a seamless transition into a world of opportunities. OLE is a gateway to inclusive education where an aspirant’s innate talent, skills , professional streams & subjects converge. While people are waiting for this to happen, lead the change with OLE.

When you see OLE you experience our rich tradition & invention together. The tradition that has been nurtured and followed in its parent organizations for the last 20 years, SAMADHAN and Institute for Industrial Development.

Samadhan Samiti: The Solution with a vision to march ahead, Samadhan Samiti is constantly designing and delivering models that contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. With various vocational trainings, discussions, webinars and talk shows we keep the community involved, educated and updated.

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Chairman - CA Mukesh Shukla

CA Mukesh Shukla, is a visionary entrepreneur, who foresaw the much needed requirement to develop a tech-enabled society, ventured into the domain of social engineering organization: SAMADHAN, way back in the year 1999. He marched ahead to conceptualize another venture- The Institute for Industrial Development (IID), which became an incubator for various projects run under PPP Mode with Government of India. OLE is another feather in his cap, an initiative made by him to make online teaching and learning an inclusive entity, where no one should be left behind.

CA Mukesh Shukla being a successful entrepreneur & true patriot at heart envisaged OLE (online Learning with Experts) aiming at providing Indians, Job Oriented Education in the most practical & innovative way making them Globally Competent, Skilled & Self-Reliant. OLE, India’s pioneer Virtual School is a perfect amalgamation of Tradition & Invention, where our inherited Vedic system of education converges with modern style of teaching. 

CA Mukesh Shukla

Chairman, IID

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