OLE Parents and Students Portico

OLE divides the whole system into target specific porticos. It helps in making our system more user friendly. Just click through the categories and explore the world class appropriation in school management.


  • Notice tab keeps the parents and students updated of the activities, events, holidays in fact of everything that is happening in the school. Synchronized according to the level of importance it places first things first and makes it easier for the parents to prioritize.
  • Events tab is a year-long calendar that showcases holiday lists, exam schedules, monthly test dates, course plan, course completion dates and many more like our activity calendar, outing dates etc.
  • The Diary tab provides a comprehensive view of what all has been done in class, was it an activity based, was it a lecture or a unit test. It keeps the parents engaged in helping the school to make learning process happier.
  • Assignment is, not necessarily, a homework. It is more a research activity that helps in developing curiosity, logical thinking and problem solving. Teachers are encouraged to send such assignments back home and students participate to complete and submit it.
  • Fee tab helps you keep informed about the economics of education duly planned and placed on your dashboard for gentle reminders.
  • In the Attendance tab, access the participation data of your ward and get timely reports through messages.
  • Syllabus tab is a way to keep you updated on recent amendments prescribed by respective Board or Council.
  • On Profile tab create your own database to connect with your teachers. Showcase your achievements, feel free to announce how happy you are as a status update.
  • My Teachers is a window to the profiles of your teachers. A personal connect zone where the student can reveal their ins and outs to them.
  • Emergency in case of emergency if the parents want that the school administration or teacher should know some facts about your ward you can make a mention here.

Other Porticos

Admins Portico

Admin’s Portico is a gateway to whole sole rights in running a school. Starting from including employees or students in the system to managing.


Teacher’s Portico

Courses (Reference Centre)- with OLE, teacher gets an access to all our course content specifically crafted for teacher’s use.