OLE Teacher's Portico

The whole system is divided into target specific porticos. It helps in making our system more user friendly. Just click through the categories and explore the world class appropriation in school management.


  • Courses (Reference Centre)- with OLE, teacher gets an access to all our course content specifically crafted for teacher’s use. Chapter wise video lectures for all classes on all topics, exam centric question bank to create question papers and lecture help notes. It is a complete repository to choose, click and post for your students viewing.
  • The interactive Diary defines the kind of conduct in class categorized under activities and lectures etc. It also helps the teacher to communicate with the parents. Its report section provides a comprehensive data of all students, their happiness quotient, participation of parents and students’ academic work response.
  • Notice tab is meant to keep the students as well as the parents informed about the activities scheduled in the school. It also helps teacher plan home visits- we understood that informal meeting amongst parents and teachers lead to higher positive impacts on students learning* (Hattie’s Research). While it was tough to visit each student physically, planning a visit virtually is now possible through OLE Visit Scheduling.
  • Teacher Planner helps the teacher to schedule an event and duly inform it to parents, just name the event like exam schedules, monthly test dates, course plan, course completion dates, outing dates etc. and place it on the yearly calendar; because we believe that planning is a key to success.
  • Attendance- Marking attendance has been made easy by OLE just click it on the interface and generate that attendance, meanwhile parents get duly informed on real-time basis.
  • Events tab is a year-long calendar that helps teacher to plan and inform holiday lists, exam schedules, monthly test dates, course plan, course completion dates and many more like our activity calendar, outing dates etc.
  • My Profile introduced to make personal connect and information possible amongst teachers and students. It helps teacher in one to one counselling and acts as a motivation tool, because at OLE we believe 'no one should be left behind'.

Other Porticos

Admins Portico

Admin’s Portico is a gateway to whole sole rights in running a school. Starting from including employees or students in the system to managing.


Parents and Students Portico

Notice tab keeps the parents and students updated of the activities, events, holidays in fact of everything that is happening in the school.