OLE How?

Open your door to an online presence with us. OLE is an expert of creating online interface that helps you make a smooth transition. How about an online version of your institute where you can create your own management system, your own course content, your own classes with no limit to number of participants in each class and no time impediments and that is what inclusive education want. When a learner is slow it becomes a challenge to maintain a universal speed in delivery of content with institute specific time constraints. OLE online schools help you overcome all these constraints. It matches with the speed of every learner, and is available to deliver learning content as and when required.

Avenues to Online Teaching

Asynchronous Online Classes

The teachers record their content in video or audio form and share it with the students. The students are free to view it as and when required or according to me spulated by the concerned teachers and respond accordingly.

Synchronous Online Classes

Classes are conducted online using a plaorm that supports live telecast. This plaorm enables live interacon between teachers and students through video chats. The other plaorm, though similar is bit restricted where teachers go live on a video and all viewers can interact with text chats only.