OLE Admin's Portico

OLE divides the whole system into target specific porticos. It helps in making our system more user friendly. Just click through the categories and explore the world class appropriation in school management.

Admin’s Portico is a gateway to whole sole rights in running a school. Starting from including employees or students in the system to managing and approving the content inclusion, the Admin’s Portico is a click through mechanism to review and approve the sub categorized systems.


  • Student Management
  • Class Management
  • Course Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Assignments
  • Question Banks
  • Gallery
  • Exam Management
  • Fees
  • User Permissions
  • Reports
  • Notice
  • News

Other Porticos

Parents and Students Portico

Notice tab keeps the parents and students updated of the activities, events, holidays in fact of everything that is happening in the school.


Teacher’s Portico

Courses (Reference Centre)- with OLE, teacher gets an access to all our course content specifically crafted for teacher’s use.